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This Really Expensive Burrito Place

Casa Gourmet Burrito in Lafayette, California is an institution in the community.  During high school, I used to sneak away – risking suspension at the hands of Paul, the golf-cart driving campus look-out – during lunch to snag one of Casa Dave’s stupidly awesome wraps.  Dave also provided “special sauce”, which at one point we all thought he made from scratch in the far recesses of his kitchen but which in actual fact is just sweet chili sauce.  But still.  Who would have thought of putting Asian sweet chili sauce on a Cali burrito?  It rocks.

This is the standard chicken burrito with added sour cream, cheese and guac. And it’s not actually that expensive.  I just said that because it’s an inside joke, which amuses me but probably irritates you.

If you go (and you should), you’ll be forced to choose between awesome menu items like the spicy Thai chicken, garlic lime steak and artichoke chicken burritos. Dave will probably give you a nickname (mine is Cindy Crawford; he definitely doesn’t know my real name), and if you ask, a complimentary bag of chips.  There are many photos of high school sports teams on the wall, usually with a note thanking Dave for his support of their team, cause Dave’s a nice guy. And there is a salsa bar, a soda station and a TV.  And that’s about that.

Here’s Case Gourmet Burrito’s Yelp page.

Sweet and Savory Breakfast

I can see why vegetarians replace their burger patties with with portabella mushrooms. They’re basically meat.  And eggs are my favorite breakfast food.

I don’t usually fuss around and spend a lot of time to make one drink. But smoothies are worth the effort.  I use a combination of fresh and frozen fruit – the frofru (wah!) makes it frosty so you don’t have to water down your drink with ice. A healthy dollop of Greek yogurt gives it creaminess, and a juice blend just backs everything up flavor-wise.  Then you Osterize it.

Balanced.  Breakfast.

Huevos Rancheros

More meatless meals.  Huevos rancheros is an awesome breakfast and you can do it any way you want.  Any.  Way.

This is a whole wheat (organic maybe?) tortilla stuffed with cheddar cheese and topped with a fried egg, fresh avocado and tomato, jalapenos and roasted tomato salsa.  If I had them I would have added black beans.  I also meant to top it with Greek yogurt, which I like to use in place of sour cream, but I forgot.

Vegetarian Lunch

I’m back in California.  This is the type of food that I’ve been dreaming about.  See below.

I’m a meat-lover, but have been developing a fear – perhaps irrational – of animal products because someone told me they increase your chances of getting cancer.  So this is a fear-driven lunch.  Don’t worry about the cheese.

Alright, from the top: grilled artichokes, grilled portabella mushroom, grilled firm polenta, heirloom tomato, curried mayonnaise (dip for artichokes) and last but not least marinated buffalo mozzarella balls.

I wonder how many calories that was.