Breaded and Fried

by keryge

To bread and to fry. These things make almost everything taste awesome. Why? Because of fat and crunchiness.

We had a few leftover spinach-ricotta raviolis, and a few remaining mozzarella string cheese sticks. Dredge those in egg and panko bread crumbs, dip in an arrabiata sauce, and shamonay. Cheese sticks need to go through flour before they go through egg and panko. If they aren’t sealed properly, it’s just cheese all over the place.

I do a shallow pan fry rather than a deep fry. It works just as well and you avoid excessive waste and mess. Obviously if I had friers built into my kitchen, I would deep fry. Stop breaking my balls over here.

With something this good it’s hard not to make the stoner mistake, which is to jam food into one’s mouth before it’s cooled down enough, burning the tongue. Often stoners will make this error in their eagerness to satisfy the munchies. Don’t be like the stoners.

Apparently fried raviolis are a staple of the late-night (drunk) kitchen at frat houses. Dipping sauce is necessary, and this is the spicy kind.

So stoners and frat bros, enjoy.