Copenhagen Farmer’s Market

by keryge

I was just reading on about a new covered market in Copenhagen, Denmark called Torvehallerne, which looks awesome. Since my return to the Western world I’ve been enjoying farmers markets – like the SF Ferry Plaza farmers market and the Davis farmers market – a great deal. It’s nice knowing that I’m getting a delicious and safe product, and I truly love to not bargain. Truly, I love to not do it.

Copenhagen – which you’ll recall is the capitol city of my motherland, Denmark (no, we don’t speak Dutch) – is unreal in its gorgeosity, so a beautiful market inspired by those of other European cities should be fitting.

I’m trying to fit in a Denmark visit in February for my grandmother’s 80th birthday, so if I make it, I’ll brave the icy winds and let you know how Torvehallerne measures up to our American farmers markets. Will USA be #1?

Find out.

In like half a year.

We’ll have forgotten all about this silly rivalry by then.